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Caorle is situated in the North Adriatic, between Venice and Trieste. It has a population of approx. eleven thousand people. The land covers around 400 square kilometers and most of it is formed of lagoon and agricultural areas. Thanks to these characteristics, there is a considerable production of agricultural goods: corn, fruits and vines. In the lagoon area a fishing industry has been developed. The inhabited centre covers a coastline of 6 kilometers. Caorle’s south and south east touches the Adriatic Sea. The rest of it is surrounded by rivers, canals and lagoons.

The architecture of Caorle is represented in the Historical Centre, formed of narrow paths and small squares in a typical Venetian style. Not to miss are the Cathedral and the Bell Tower which have a unique and original style. Not only by its architecture, Caorle also conserves its history in the Citizen’s Museum which has precious antiques obtained from both under ground and under the sea. The city is divided in two areas; Levante and Ponente. Along Levante there’s a road that borders the coastline on one side and on the other all the hotels. On the Ponente side there’s a pedestrian path shadowed by trees which is in front of the sea. The architecture has the same characteristics as the Levante side.

In the north-west of Caorle one can find the Tourist Sailing Port, constructed in the last few years it hosts of all sorts and types of sailing boats. In Caorle there are also many types of important sport facilities: the Football Stadium, the Sport Palace, tennis courts, golf fields and swimming pools. There are many services and accommodations adapted for tourism: hotels, restaurants, camping sites as well as having the opportunity of being hosted in a traditional country farm-house. The lagoon area offers tourists another type of itinerary. The opportunity to go on boat trips or on small boat rides along the lagoons allows visitors to discover the natural richness of this environment. One can also visit the typical “casoni” (fishing huts) which are still used and kept in a traditional manner with all their fishing equipment

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